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Customization / Additional Info

Customized Classes

To better assist our clients:

  • ADSI can customize any of our programs
  • Create new programs specifically designed for your organization
  • Add specialized requested training to our current programs
  • Create new class dates to fit your company's schedule
  • Arrange private lessons (Home Facility)
  • Instructors bring students to a proficient level at the student's pace and ability level
  • Structure program to fit client's budgetary needs.

Mobile Training Units

On the client's request ADSI can deploy Mobile Training Units that provide the analysis, planning and training for a full range of client requirements virtually anywhere in the world at just about any time. Also available within the U.S. ADSI has many established satellite locations.

Student Performance

In each of our programs the students' performance is accurately and objectively measured. On request from the client, a written evaluation can be submitted for employee's records. This is also a good way to show driver development year to year. Students must reach clearly defined goals and objectives, in order to successfully complete our course. The average driver uses only 30% - 40% of the vehicle's capabilities. At the end of our 1-day course, graduates will have acquired the skills to use 70% - 80% of the vehicle's capabilities. This percentage can be increased even farther with additional training.