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Frank Lombardo

Frank Lombardo

Lead Instructor

Frank Lombardo has 25 years experience working directly under Mr. Tony Scotti, since the start of Scotti School. With 34 years of experience in Law Enforcement, his experiences and certifications can speak for themselves. Frank holds positions as the senior instructor for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council as well as heading the Driving Instructor Paramedic Program at Northeastern University. Frank delivers each curriculum with a vast amount of knowledge backed with an immense amount of experience. His dedication to each student is never without presence. Frank's specialty areas are Police Instructor Certification, Protective Driving, Anti-Terrorist Driving Programs.


  • Police Officer of Waltham, Massachusetts Appointed December 15, 1966
  • Rank: Patrolman Aide to Chief of Police (1972-1995) Neighborhood Traffic Unit (1995)


  • Undergraduate: B.S. Law Enforcement (1987), Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • Graduate: Masters Criminal Justice (1990)


  • Certified Defensive Driving Instructor A.L.E.R.T. International (1995 #087)
  • Certified Defensive Driving Instructor Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Department of Treasury, Glynco, Georgia (1987)
  • Certified by Office of Emergency Medical Services Commonwealth of Massachusetts E.M.T. Driving Programs (1982)
  • Licensed Instructor Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Registry of Motor Vehicles for Classroom and Over the Road Instruction (1978)
  • Certified Annually National Safety Council Defensive Driving Instructor (1978 DDF#44016)
  • Certified Driving Instructor Scotti School Defensive Driving (1976)


  • Advanced Driving & Security Inc. - Lead Instructor specializing in Corporate Security Driver Training and Executive Protection Driving Programs (2000 to present)
  • Scotti School Defensive Driving - Lead Instructor specializing in Anti-Terrorist Driving and Executive Protection Driving Programs (1978)
  • Northeastern University Paramedic E.M.T. Driving Program, Staff Instructor (1980)
  • Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council Instructor for Recruit & In-Service training. (1978)