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Philosophy, Committment, and Vision

Three Essentials That Set Us Apart

Our Philosophy

Always provide honest and reliable service, place the client first and provide the best quality training needed to successfully perform in current times. ADSI believes that a class is only as good as the instructor, so we chose some of the best and most experienced instructors in the industry. Each member of our lead instructor staff was formerly associated with one of the most well known Security Driver Training Schools of their time. Our curriculum and hands-on exercises are mathematically proven and subject to the Laws of Physics, developed in part through automotive engineering and automobile racing, originally designed by one of the industries top instructors. Although the principles associated with these laws, which govern vehicle dynamics, can get quite technical, our instructors have the ability to translate this technical information into simple and very understandable theories; more importantly, we put these theories into practice. Our students not only experience WHAT is happening, but understand WHY it is happening and therefore quickly learn HOW to deal with the hazard and prevent it. The staff at ADSI prides themselves on educating, coaching and evaluating clients in advanced vehicle dynamics as well as security issues that plague our world today.


ADSI is totally committed to serving our clients' needs in a relaxed, friendly environment. Our main objective is to provide our clients with the safest and highest level of EDUCATION in our industry. Our staff is very innovative and dedicated to research and development. Each curriculum has been specifically designed to achieve designated objectives and allow the student to apply these skills to a real life situation. Our curriculum starts with 28 years of proven results, and will continuously be developed and updated to meet the challenge of the new millennium. Our clients will be continuously updated with our ADSI newsletter and web site filled with the newest issues pertaining to our industry.


A successful company needs a clear vision for the future in order to remain successful. Our vision unites the entire company and all of our clients in a cooperative team atmosphere. We drive for success, providing quality training and instruction along with honest and reliable services and results, which have been tested and proven for over two decades. Together, we can continue to be part of the, dominant school which will be friendly enough to meet our clients needs and strong enough to make the world a safer and more aware place.