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Knife Training

Defense from the Knife Attack

Part 1: Defense from the Knife Attack, Unarmed Against Knife

You will learn very effective defense techniques that work against any attacker who should threaten you with a knife. Knife attacks are usually committed by very serious or desperate criminals. The attacker needs to be up close and in your personal space. No training will keep you from being cut, however this system will definitely allow you to minimize your injuries and escape. You will learn hands-on, the "Secret of Circles" Knife Fighting System to defeat linear (straight lines) attacks. Whether defending yourself, famlily or protecting a principal this is a must see and learn system.

  • Space is limited to 20 participants
  • Please call for registration application form
  • This is a hands-on seminar, please dress comfortably
  • Lunch will be provided
  • Knives available for sale after seminar at 25% discount for all class participants


Robin Brown

Schedule 2016
Dates Location
May (TBA) New England
July (TBA) New England
October (TBA) New England

ASP Baton / OC Spray

ASP Baton / OC Spray


Jay Gatto

Schedule 2016
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Contact Us New England

Personal Safety & Security

Non Physical Approach to Attack Avoidance

The Vehicle

This class was developed specifically for the general public and in particular the woman target victim. The goal for this class is to take a proactive approach in handling the vehicle attack. Students will learn how to recognize potential problems before these problems become harmful emergencies. Ninety five percent of society get in their automobiles each day and leave their safe nests for one purpose or another. Unfortunately this gives the attacker several more means for reaching you or your automobile and valuables. This class will introduce the student to the elements of a vehicle attack, different vehicle attack situations. As well as how to recognize, avoid and if need be escape a vehicle attack (Car Jacking).

Learning Objectives

Every attack, whether a professional terrorist plotting an attack on a government official or a street thug in a parking lot, have three stages. Surprise, control and escape! Once the victim is controlled it is very difficult to escape. We need to act quickly before or during the surprise step. Learn how to recognize, avoid and if necessary use your vehicle to escape an attack.

Time and Distance

Three seconds can save your life! When escaping an attack situation every second counts. Students will learn the importance of reacting quickly and the number one rule GET THE CAR MOVING.

Vehicle Attack Situations

  • The parking lot
  • Attack on a stopped vehicle
  • Stranded motorist
  • The famous rear end bump

Avoiding Vehicle Attack Situations

  • Learn how to: Reduce risk in the above Vehicle situations.
  • Evaluate your daily routes. What can you do different to avoid being vulnerable?
  • Know the capabilities of your vehicle. Can airbags disable a vehicle? How quickly can you enter and get your vehicle moving? Judging space to escape and last resort using your car as a weapon. Some drills can be hands on pending number of students, weather, and facility.



Schedule 2016
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American Heart Association CPR/AED Cert

CPRON REQUEST ADSI now includes American Heart Association Heartsaver AED Program with all Security / Driving courses

  • Heartsaver AED is a 4 hour comprehensive program that teaches the basic techniques of adult CPR (8 years old and up) and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Participants receive HS-AED Text and Completion Card
  • Written and skills test required


Michael Beyer

Schedule 2016
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