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Special Interest

Security Executive Magazine cover "On the Road Again"

by Anthony Ricci, President, Advanced Driving & Security Inc.

Before hitting the road, ensure your drivers will know how to handle these common problems.

Security Executive Magazine (October/November 2007)

Security Executive Magazine cover "Driving Mr. CEO"

by Anthony Ricci, President, Advanced Driving & Security Inc.

Our minds are constantly filled with activities from car pooling the children to project deadlines to the demands of our boss. The anxiety and distraction associated with daily activities impact both focus and concentration, specifically on the road.

Security Executive Magazine (February/March 2007)

"The Role of a Security Driver: Forgotten or Well Respected?"

by Anthony Ricci, President, Advanced Driving & Security Inc.

What makes a Security Driver different from a Chauffer or regular Limo Driver? What types of questions need to be addressed? Why consider someone with a security background for a driver position?

Counterterrorism Magazine (Fall 2005)

  "Underground Combat, Part 1"

by Gary Clifton

Mines and caves provide shelter for enemy combatants and criminals, and hiding places for arms, drug labs, and hostages. Military and law enforcement personnel are confronted with two challenges when entering an underground opening: The hazards of the mine or cave itself, and the enemy within.

  "Threats Facing Civilians and How to Protect Against Them"

by Ilan Linhard

Is it possible that the very environment we live in could be the greatest threat facing the daily lives of civilians? If so, is there anything that can be done to counter possible dangers to individuals?

  "Mobile Protective Operations in Iraq"

by Scott Savage

This article illustrates the unique situation that the mobile protective operations overseas are facing, as well as a tactical view in approaching the task of providing security in a high threat area. It also includes my thoughts on equipment and the way that missions are delivered.

  "Armored Vehicles"

by John Murphy

With the new events occurring in Iraq many heads of security have been given the task of ordering an armored car....

Protection News cover "Speed Kills…Precision Counts… Train Your Drivers to Survive "

by Anthony Ricci, President, Advanced Driving & Security Inc.

It's your first day at Advanced Driver Training class. You have waited for this opportunity for some time and are finally ready to take the vehicle to its max. The day progresses and you feel that you have a good handle on the technique, however as your instructor increases the speed from lap to lap you find out quickly that with added speed your newly found technique has become harder and harder to perfect.

Counterterrorism Magazine cover "The Last Option"

by Anthony Ricci, President, Advanced Driving & Security Inc. and Gerry Johansen

Protective Driving focuses on a number of aspects that relate to the Protective Agent’s job. These aspects include threat detection, safe vehicle operations and how to remove the vehicle from the kill zone during a crisis. What these aspects equate to is the fact that the protective agents’ mission is to avoid a violent confrontation instead of wondering into it.

Counterterrorism Magazine (Fall 2004)

ADSI logo "The Riddle of Steel"

by Robin Brown

The Riddle of Steel is an adventure into the wildernesses of Hells Canyon on the Snake River in Idaho. You leave Clarkston, Washington by jet boat that takes fellow Riddlers as yourself up the Snake River in Idaho some 80 miles where you arrive at what will be become your home for four days.

(October 9-12, 2003)

ADSI logo "Escaping the Kill Zone (Ramming)— Even in a Cruiser"

by Anthony Ricci, President, Advanced Driving & Security Inc.

Imagine your protection detail traveling en route when around that blind turn, the one that you advanced so well but could not avoid, several cars suddenly pull out and block your path of travel. The only difference from the picture above to this hyperthetical situation is that the picture above is a common training exercise at Tony Scotti’s Advanced Driving & Security Inc. and in the real world behind these two cars would stand some pretty serious criminals with big guns.

(August 2002)


by Anthony Ricci, President, Advanced Driving & Security Inc.

The majority of today’s population uses a vehicle everyday of their life. Whether we are commuting to and from work or taking the family out on a weekend, our vehicles are a means of transportation. As we are driving around we take for granted our personal and families’ safety. Although many drivers make a conscious effort to drive in a safe manner, most never stop and think of their own “personal” safety and the safety of the people that they happen to be transporting. Unfortunately, today’s world poses a great threat to just about anyone: old, young, rich, poor, etc. Random crimes are happening everywhere for no apparent reason.

(June 2002)

  "African Assassination"

by Andy Grudko

Africa, the birthplace of man, is also the most deadly continent. Violent crime is a reality of life in South Africa, the 1st world enlave the continent's southern tip. We have in excess of 3 million licensed firearms in the hands of responsible civilians but there are estimated to be as many as 200 million unlicensed firearms under the control of a cross section of the community - many with criminal intent.

  "In-house Team or Contract Security"

by Michael Gallagher

What should we use? When setting up security for anything, there are several variables. One decision is whether to use contract security, an in-house team or a combination of both. That decision will depend greatly on your security objective, your client and in the US, your state’s liability laws. These three things overlap each other and can make the decision process pretty dicey.