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American Cop cover "Slip Slidin' Away"

Snow and ice won't take sides for the good guys; when your vehicle slides, it slides. You have to prepare yourself well before winter conditions hit....

(March/April 2009)

American Cop cover "Anti-Lock Breaking Systems Basics"

Just about every department's vehicle fleet still has some vehicles without ABS, even though it's been available for years....Either way it's important to understand ABS — what it does, does not do and how to use it....

(November/December 2008)

American Cop cover "Looking Backwards"

It's no wonder there are so many backing accidents....Untrained drivers and/or poor backing skills can make for a really expensive day....

(September/October 2008)

American Cop cover "Get a Grip"

Whether protecting against the elements, gaining better grip on the steering wheel, added protection when searching a suspect or hiding the slippery residue from that jelly filled you just pounded down, gloves are an important part of the uniform and should be standard equipment....

(July/August 2008)

American Cop cover "Prisoner Transport"

Several liability issues come to mind when transporting prisoners; such as their safety during transport, the ability to provide adequate emergency medical treatment, maintaining a minimum of two good forms of communications and being ready for the possibility of a life threatening situation...

(May/June 2008)

American Cop cover
"Fatigue on the Job: DWT — Driving While Tired"

Ever have one of those days when nothing goes right?....if you're overtired, sooner or later it will affect your personality, motor skills, thought process and how you handle yourself on the job....

(March/April 2008)

American Cop cover "Your Vehicle — Cover Vs. Protection"   

Many incidents happen in and around the patrol vehicle....How many departments actually challenge their trainers to do the research and train cops in surviving a gunfight in and around the vehicle?

(January/February 2008)

American Cop cover "Hydroplaning"

The four main things you can do to help reduce possibilities of a hydroplane situation are....

(November/December 2007)

American Cop cover "Got Junk in Your Trunk?" and "Fleet Management 101"

When was the last time you took a look at the equipment in your trunk?....

Also: Current tends show a dismal record for police-vehicle related crashes and fatalities. A Fleet Driver Safety Program may be one way agencies can positively impact this trend.

(September/October 2007)

American Cop cover "Basic Training for Motorcycle Units"   

Sometimes you'll see a motor cop wearing just a patrol uniform and vest. A 20 mph slide will be enough to cause severe road rash, broken bones and a significant amount of off work recovery time....Motorcycles are a very useful policing tool, a lot of fun, a lot of freedom, but a hell of a lot more risk for the operator....

(July/August 2007)

American Cop cover
"Hiding in a Fish Bowl"

No matter how familiar you are with your patrol area, when you're sitting in the dark with the dome light on, you're vulnerable as a target....

(May/June 2007)

American Cop cover "The Most Neglected Safety Feature"

Headrests greatly reduce neck and head injuries, absorbing some impact energy, and help catch your head as it comes to rest on the cushion. Most people don't know how to adjust them or don't take the time to actually check their position....

(March/April 2007)

American Cop cover "Tire Selection for Inclement Conditions"

We all know accidents can happen due to reduced traction during inclement weather. Let's take a quick look at all-season vs. snow tires....  

(January/February 2007)

American Cop cover "The Unexpected Blowout"

Blowouts are an uncommon occurrence today because tires have become so reliable. But because blowouts happen so infrequently, they're more surprising and potentially more dangerous when they occur....  

(November/December 2006)

American Cop cover "Tires — Overlooked and Underrated"

Most people take tires for granted. Fact is, tires are the most important part of every vehicle....  

(September/October 2006)

American Cop cover "Position is Everything — Even in a Cruiser"

Taking the correct driving position will help you remain focused and alert for longer periods of time — not to mention the added command of the vehicle's controls, especially in potentially dangerous traffic scenarios....  

(July/August 2006)

American Cop cover "Look Before You Leap! How Important Are Your Eyes While Driving?"

Think about how, as a cop, your use your eyes and how vulnerable they really are. How many of you have been spit on, punched, poked or sprayed while gaining control of a suspect? Getting out of the car have you ever smacked your head on the corner of the door? If that doesn't convince you to protect those peepers then let's talk about how the eyes really work and how it relates to driving....  

(May/June 2006)

American Cop cover "Can't See? Can't Hear? Now It's Getting Interesting..."

Under extreme stress the human body has instinctual mechanisms that kick in to help you react to a hazardous situation. During that time, the driver must work off instinct and muscle memory to make the most of his skills....  

(March/April 2006)

American Cop cover "How Much Protection Does Your Vehicle Really Provide?"

The answer is, "It's not much." Includes training tips from Action Target and things to know about bullets and glass.

(January/February 2006)

American Cop cover "Are Perception and Reaction Overlooked?"

Are Perception and Reaction Time overlooked or just taken for granted?

(November/December 2005)

American Cop cover "Dying Behind the Wheel — Why Cops Crash"

More officers are dying in vehicle accidents than ever before....  

(September/October 2005)